Havasupai, Grand Canyon

Last September, Mr. Mountain Man and I, along with my sister, made the ten mile trek to the beautiful Havasu Falls located in the southwest part of the Grand Canyon.  With the promise of beautiful blue water against a red rock backdrop, we set out with a week’s worth of supplies on our backs.  The trail began at Hualapai Hiltop, and traversed down through the canyon to the Supai Village.  Just beyond the village lay our destination, the campgrounds and all those gorgeous waterfalls.

IMG_4910 IMG_4979

The trail wound down through the canyon, passing through wide gullies, under rocky ledges, and featured a surprising amount of green foliage.


It took us about five hours to hike in, due to the fact that we were keeping a leisurely pace. I imagine the hike could be done in three and a half to four hours.


Yes that is Mr. Mountain Man at the top of that pointy rock.  He’s a little bit crazy:)

We started our hike at about four o’clock in the morning in order to avoid hiking in high temperatures.


The two rock formations overlooking the Supai village are known as “The Watchmen.”  The village consists of a general store, a cafe, a school, two churches, a clinic, a hotel, and the natives homes.  The village has all the modern conveniences like electricity, regular bathroom facilities, and and even fire hydrants.  Out at the campgrounds, there is no electricity, but there are convenient facilities that are actually mostly quite adequate.


The scenery, oh the scenery!!  I have never been in a more beautiful place in all my life!  There are four different waterfalls; Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls, Beaver Falls, and Navaho Falls.  Beaver Falls is about four miles away, but the other three are quite close to the campgrounds.


Navaho Falls


The town had several extremely friendly dogs.  I got a kick out of seeing these dogs lying directly under this sign.  What do they expect, it’s not like the dogs can read:)


We dined mostly on backpacking meals, but we did venture one day into the village for some lunch at the cafe and and ice cream bar.  The prices in the cafe and store were astronomical, however, when you consider the effort it takes to get supplies there, it’s more understandable.  We had done our homework on the trip, so we were prepared for the high prices.


The beautiful Havasu Falls, I could’ve spend the whole four days just sitting here.


Havasu Falls photographed from the trail above.

IMG_5354 IMG_5568

Mooney Falls (It’s sort of hidden by the trees, but it is quite impressive.)


Beautiful foliage on the floor of the canyon


The trip was a smashing success!  I hiked almost 40 miles in four days (because of all the exploring we did).  The trip out was great, until I hit the last two miles.  Those switchbacks were excruciating!!  The trip is definitely doable for moderately active people, I would say even for kids above the age of eight or so.  For those who are not interested in the long backpacking experience, there is helicopter service to take you in and out (at about $80 each way).  We definitely plan to go back when our children are old enough to come along.  It was hands down, the best trip I’ve ever taken!!

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The House That Crystal Built

Alternately titled: What I’ve been doing for the past three weeks!  My husband has been home from work for the last two weeks so I’ve been spending time with the family and going a million miles an hour.

I wanted to show this gingerbread house that my sister made.  She baked a cake in a loaf pan and created the cutest little gingerbread house out of it.  It was super nifty and really tasty as well!

Mmmmm, I think I’ll have a slice!  🙂

We spent a lot of time just doing family stuff that I didn’t take pictures of like shopping, eating at yummy restaurants (Hello Branks!), visiting family, cleaning house.  On Christmas Eve we went to my Grandma’s house for dinner.

Two of my cousins have babies the same age as mine.  In fact, the boy in the middle was born on the same day as my baby at the same hospital.  What a day!  Mine is the one not crying.  Guess those other two didn’t have much Christmas cheer. 🙂

My Grandma has this funny way of always planning some sort of a program, so we had to hear poems and play little games and all sorts of things.  My dad played his guitar and sang and that was a big hit with the family.  I’m not sure that very many of them have ever heard him play and sing.

My husband did a really crazy thing and went camping up on Mt. Rainier last week with some friends.  He’s into the whole mountaineering thing and he wanted to get some practice snow camping with his gear.  It dumped about two feet of snow on them, so I guess they got the practice they were looking for.  I was glad to be sitting at home next to my fireplace reading a good book!

He looks pretty happy to be there!  Brrrrrr!

Well 2012 is here now, and I am looking forward to the things that God has in store for my family.  Happy New Year!