Why Handmade?

Making your own clothes may not be very economical at times, so why should someone even bother with the time and trouble of doing so?  It is so easy to run to the mall or department store for a little retail therapy, right?  Or is it?  Let’s face it, how many times can you say that you went to the store, and found an outfit that you loved and that fit you perfectly?

A Perfect Fit: When you are making your own clothes, you have control over the fit of the garment.  Possibly you have a shorter torso or arms, so you are always having to hem sleeves and deal with ill-fitting bodices.  If you are sewing your own clothes, you can make all the adjustments you need to get that great fit.  And great fit = great confidence!

Unique Style: Isn’t it cool to be different?  I sure like the idea of having a wardrobe that is all my own.  It makes a statement of who I am, not what current fashion or others say I am.  I like expressing myself in my own way and clothing is a great way to do this.  Having a unique style guarantees that you won’t be wearing all the same things that others are wearing.  No one else is going to have quite the same thing that you have because you made it!

Clothes That Compliment Each Other:  When you make your own clothes, you actually can get away with having less. (Only if you want to of course:) ) If you stick to color schemes that go together, you will be able to mix and match more things.  Now I’m not saying only make things in one or two colors.  Boring!!  What I mean is stick to a color palate that goes well with your skin tone and blends well with other things in your closet.  Maybe you like neutral colors best.  You could stick to colors and prints that are navy, tan, creme, blush, etc, and most all of your clothes could be mixed and matched.  That way you are not wearing the same blouse with the same skirt every. single. time!  Variety is good, no?

Getting Exactly What You Want: For me this is a big one!  I can’t even begin to say how many times I have bought something at the store only to change it up when I get it home.  A dress isn’t the length I want it to be, a shirt has a neckline that is too low, and on I could go.  Custom is just that, you get a custom garment that is (hopefully) exactly what you envisioned.

Better Quality:  I don’t even really need to explain this one.  Just go look over some of your “professional, store bought” clothing and see seams that are unraveling, buttons falling off, and hems coming undone.  Bottom line is that those clothes are being mass produced and spot checked for quality.  When you make something yourself, you can be sure you sewed that button on good and tight, and that zipper is not going to break!

More Variety: You aren’t always wearing the same ole thing.  I find myself basically shopping for the same kinds of clothing.  Sewing your own garments gets the creative juices flowing and it encourages you to branch out and try new things.  The result is more variety and tons of fun new things for you to wear!