Chandelier Canvas Tutorial

I found this great canvas print of a chandelier at Fred Meyer that I just HAD to have for my daughters bedroom!  Only one problem, the picture came in blue or green and I wanted pink.  So I set out to make my own picture that was more in line with the color scheme that I have envisioned for my girls room.


Square Canvas (I want to say it’s like 24X24 but I’m not totally sure)

Pink, White, and Metallic Gold acrylic paint

Chandelier Stencil (found at a local craft store)

Paint Brush and Old Rag

Mix the white and pink to get your desired shade.  If I had it to do over, I would have gone lighter pink, but oh well.

Paint the pink onto the canvas.  Don’t forget the sides!  Let it dry and do a second coat.

Take your rag and paint all around the edges of the canvas.  I went over the sides of the canvas with the gold as well.

Let it dry and then touch up your ragging with some more gold.  Notice the bottom of the canvas needs some touch up.  (I took the photo before I touched it up.)

Place your stencil where you want it and tape it on with some scotch tape or masking tape.   Do not skip this!  The last thing you need is for the stencil to slip while you are painting.

Take your rag and paint over the stencil in kind of a circular motion.  You can let it dry and do another coat, or just dab on the paint really thick.

Remove the stencil and dab some gold smudges around the chandelier.  Let it dry and hang it up. Voila!

I think I’m going to go back and extend the chandelier chain on this.  It just looks like it needs to be longer.  Anyway, it was a fun and easy project.  It cost me about ten dollars versus the thirty dollars for the canvas at the store.  I already had the paint, and I found the canvas awhile back for about five bucks.  The stencil was five dollars as well.


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