Ice Storm

Here are a few pictures that I took from the recent ice storm that we had.

I thought this leaf looked so neat all encased in ice like that!

This bucket spoke to my sense of needing things to be even on all sides. I love how the icicles are all lined up with pretty much the same length except the corners!

This tree was stunning!  The picture does not do justice to how beautiful it was.  Every branch and twig on it was encased in ice.

Icicles hanging from a chair in the back yard.

Pa Ingalls cooking on the wood stove due to the fact that we had no power for two days. 

In the past five years, we have never lost power for more than about ten minutes.  During this storm, however, we were without lights for about two days.  It was kinda fun, but my girls were really out of sorts!  They aren’t used to going through life without all their electronic gadgets.  I did figure out that it is really easy to cook on my wood stove, and I have continued to do so a few times even though the power has been turned back on.  I figure why not try to save a little energy?  I wonder what the Zero Waste people would think of that? 🙂


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