My New Baby

Yesterday I got this.

(Image from Amazon)

I am totally in love!  I have been wanting a Canon Rebel for so long!  I’ve scoured store ads, Amazon, Ebay, and Craigslist for the best deals and badgered my poor husband about “that camera that I really want!”  Oh I am so excited.  Here are a few pictures that I snapped in full auto mode with no editing.  I figure if they look this good already, then I am going to have great fun figuring out what this camera is capable of.


The temptation to skip folding my laundry is going to be very great for awhile.  I could just photograph my piles of laundry in artistic ways instead.  After all, it’s for the greater good, preserving the arts and all!


Ice Storm

Here are a few pictures that I took from the recent ice storm that we had.

I thought this leaf looked so neat all encased in ice like that!

This bucket spoke to my sense of needing things to be even on all sides. I love how the icicles are all lined up with pretty much the same length except the corners!

This tree was stunning!  The picture does not do justice to how beautiful it was.  Every branch and twig on it was encased in ice.

Icicles hanging from a chair in the back yard.

Pa Ingalls cooking on the wood stove due to the fact that we had no power for two days. 

In the past five years, we have never lost power for more than about ten minutes.  During this storm, however, we were without lights for about two days.  It was kinda fun, but my girls were really out of sorts!  They aren’t used to going through life without all their electronic gadgets.  I did figure out that it is really easy to cook on my wood stove, and I have continued to do so a few times even though the power has been turned back on.  I figure why not try to save a little energy?  I wonder what the Zero Waste people would think of that? 🙂

The House That Crystal Built

Alternately titled: What I’ve been doing for the past three weeks!  My husband has been home from work for the last two weeks so I’ve been spending time with the family and going a million miles an hour.

I wanted to show this gingerbread house that my sister made.  She baked a cake in a loaf pan and created the cutest little gingerbread house out of it.  It was super nifty and really tasty as well!

Mmmmm, I think I’ll have a slice!  🙂

We spent a lot of time just doing family stuff that I didn’t take pictures of like shopping, eating at yummy restaurants (Hello Branks!), visiting family, cleaning house.  On Christmas Eve we went to my Grandma’s house for dinner.

Two of my cousins have babies the same age as mine.  In fact, the boy in the middle was born on the same day as my baby at the same hospital.  What a day!  Mine is the one not crying.  Guess those other two didn’t have much Christmas cheer. 🙂

My Grandma has this funny way of always planning some sort of a program, so we had to hear poems and play little games and all sorts of things.  My dad played his guitar and sang and that was a big hit with the family.  I’m not sure that very many of them have ever heard him play and sing.

My husband did a really crazy thing and went camping up on Mt. Rainier last week with some friends.  He’s into the whole mountaineering thing and he wanted to get some practice snow camping with his gear.  It dumped about two feet of snow on them, so I guess they got the practice they were looking for.  I was glad to be sitting at home next to my fireplace reading a good book!

He looks pretty happy to be there!  Brrrrrr!

Well 2012 is here now, and I am looking forward to the things that God has in store for my family.  Happy New Year!