A Night On The Town

Aaron and I took the kids to Snowflake Lane at Bellevue Square last night and we had such a blast!  We have never been before, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  Parking was completely crazy, but thankfully we managed to find a pretty good spot and get up the the street before the show started.  There was lights everywhere and music playing and all these characters dressed up and dancing on the sidewalks.  We saw a polar bear, a penguin, toy soldiers, and more!  My kids were pretty happy when one of the toy soldiers  came by passing out candy cane suckers!  We were just kind of standing around when all of the sudden music starting blasting and the lights started blinking.  Next thing we knew, we were being treated to a pretty amazing drum concert.  There must have been 40 drummers all lined up down the street, dancing and drumming.  Then the snow fell!  It looked so real, and it was cold so it felt real, too!  It was so beautiful!  Our whole family thoroughly enjoyed it!  Afterwards, we walked through the Bellevue Conservatory Garden which was decorated with all sorts of beautiful lights.  It was very intricate, lots of flowers, waterfalls, etc.  What a fun evening!

Family time is such a premium for us; our lives are full of church, work, and just living.  I was so appreciative my my wonderful hubby for planning our little family outing last night!  Making memories with your family is so very important, whether you do something really elaborate, or just stay home and eat popcorn and play games or read stories together.  You never know what moments your kids will latch on to and carry as a special memory throughout their lives.


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