Refashion: Jeans Into Skirt Tutorial

Have you ever seen a cute pair of jeans that would make a really cute skirt?  Ever wanted to try and refashion them into a unique skirt that you can’t just buy off the rack?  I have always wanted to try and do something like this, so I decided to try it out and make a tutorial for my blog.  I found a pair of jeans at Target for $5 for this project.  You could just as easily go to the thrift store and find something that would work.  I don’t recommend buying that $120 pair of jeans with all that snazzy white stitching for your first attempt! 🙂 Save that for when you have become a pro.  The following tutorial is just one of many ways you could do this, and it is my first ever attempt at making jeans into a skirt.  I have some other ideas that I want to play with and I will bring them to this blog when I have completed them.

Step One: Start with a pair of jeans that is your size or one size larger.  Cut the jeans to knee length and cut open the inseam.  I cut all the way up to where the inseam meets, and then seam ripped up to the zipper.  On the back, I just cut up to where the seams met and then seam ripped about the same distance as the front (it was about two inches).

Step Two:  Cut the lower portion of the pant legs into strips.

Step Three: Divide the steps in half and sew them together.  This will create a front panel and a back panel to put in the skirt.

Step Four: Serge the seams of the two panels.  If you don’t have a serger, you can either run a zigzag stitch over the edges, or just leave them unfinished.

Step Five: Pin the panel into the front of the skirt on one side and sew.  Repeat with the other side.  Take your time in the pinning.  The skirt should lay flat when you pin it.  Check for puckering and bulges just below the zipper before you sew.  Most of the bulges can be fixed during the pinning process.  Once you get the front to look the way you want it, repeat the process with the back of the skirt.

Step Six: Hem the skirt, run a serge around the edges, or leave them raw.  If you leave the hem raw, I suggest running a straight seam around the bottom close to the edge to control the fraying.

Step Seven: Top stitch along the edge of the V in the skirt all the way up to the zipper.  Repeat on the back side of the skirt.

All Finished!

Please note: You may find that you need to take in the waist slightly or wear a belt.  It just depends on the cut of the jeans, sometimes a skirt that you make will fit in the hip area, but is too loose in the waist.  If that is the case, I would recommend taking it in at the sides.


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